Users must complete a cybersafety course prior to gaining access to Valdosta City Schools' public wifi.

Young students may need a parent/guardian to help read the quiz questions.  There are 5 question throughout the course.  Click the next arrow to advance slides.  For each quiz question, select the answer and click submit in the lower right corner of the slide.  If a student answers the questions and does not click submit, the question will be marked incorrect.

To begin, click Cybersafety above. On the next screen, click "Cybersafety - Start Here" (next to the yellow present). On the following screen, click enter. 

To retake the quiz, go back into the course and click "Cybersafety - Start Here" (the yellow present).  Above the "enter" button on the next screen, check the "start a new attempt" box.  Then click enter.

This course is a self-directed digital citizenship study.  Teachers, parents and students are encouraged to participate and practice appropriate digital citizenship.